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Ping test or ping speed test we have discussed all that you should know like what exactly is ping, ping test, how does internet ping test work and the effects of lag and ways to fix lag and latency issues in order to get back with the speedy uninterrupted internet connection again.

Just check ping speed when you are into online gaming and suffer lag while playing online games. Thinking how? Simply visit our ping test website and click our Ping tester that maintains complete accuracy in the results delivered. You can also use our spped test ping tool to check your internet speed test that includes the results for all i.e. upload test, download test, ping tes, latency test, speed test as well as jitter test.

Now before we go ahead with performing a ping test, let us gain some meaningful insights about what is ping, measuring ping speed and also the methods to lower ping. Here is everything that you should know!

What is Ping?

Ping Speed in general refers to the response time of your internet connection. It is measured in milliseconds. Unlike the Upload speeds and the download speeds where higher value is considered to be better for a speedy network, the Ping is expected to have lower value for you to experience the best internet connection speed.

The most significant usage of Ping is for those playing games online. They require a quick response from the servers while playing the games online. Thus, the lower the value of their ping as per the result of the ping speed test, the faster would be the response from the server.

How to measure ping?

Measuring the ping test of your internet connection is absolutely simple now! All you need to do is visit our ping test website and click the ping tester and it takes only seconds to display the results for ping test results online with complete accuracy.

A speed test ping test value ranging from 0-40 ms or below is generally considerable and would allow you to experience a fast internet speed, however, a pingtest beyond that may lead to noticeable lag causing interruption in the connection.

You may own the fastest gaming PC, but in case your internet speed has a higher ping value, then your actions might take longer than expected time to perform the online activities which indeed is a disadvantage in this digital world.

How to Lowering Your Ping and Improving Speed Value?

There are multiple ways and not just one that can help you in lowering the ping value of your internet connection i.e. it is basically a trial-and-error process. Here we have discussed all the possible methods that can assist in lowering the ping time although no guaranteed method exists to lower the value of your ping speed. Before you try any of these below mentioned troubleshoot methods make sure that you have taken the ping speed tests. Here is what you can do in case you have a higher ping value:

  • Try moving your device near to the router in case you are using a wireless connection as lesser is the distance lower would be the ping.
  • If you run heavy bandwidth programs like Netflix, YouTube and others create a severe impact on ping speed and thus it is advisable to lose the background websites or programs running.
  • Decrease the number of devices over a single network as it may support multiple devices but increases the ping speed value. You can also choose to switch to the Ethernet Cable connection.
  • In case of a prolonged and non-stop usage of your router, you may detach the cables and re-attach after some time or simply restart/reset the router which may come up with potentially low ping and improved performance.
  • Consult your Internet Service Provider in case you fail to troubleshoot the ping speed issue as they may help you with an alternate solution.
  • You can also consider replacing your router with a new one in case it is a few years older, and this would leave a positive impact on the strength, speed, and consistency of your internet connection which in turn would lower the ping automatically.
  • However, if you have exhausted all the above-mentioned steps and the problem of lower ping speed value still persists while taking the

First, pingtest then you may consider upgrading your internet plan. with considerably higher upload speeds and download speeds available with your Internet Service Provider.

Final Words

There can be several reasons behind the high ping problem in your network but the most common amongst them is the user’s internet connection plan as well as usage traffic. In case after taking the ping speed test you still figure out that your ping speed value is too much, like above 100ms then you should try any of the above mentioned methods to reduce the ping in your internet connection enhance its performance and strength.

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