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Jitter Test or Jitter Speed Test we have discussed all that you should know like what exactly is jitter, jitter test, how does internet jitter test work and the effects of jitter and ways to fix jitter issues in order to get back with the speedy uninterrupted internet connection again.

Struggling to have a great user experience with your internet connection jitter speed? Network Jitter speed may be the underlying cause! Just go ahead and take a network speed test jitter at TestInternetSpeed.Info to verify the same.

You may experience unusual and slow internet speeds and this probably might be because there lies a problem with your system or otherwise with the internet network connection. The troubleshoot process in this case can be complicated and equally mind boggling!

Jitter speed can ruin the entire user experience which may include the flawless streaming of videos online, delivery of the advertising bids or it can also be in terms of meeting the user expectations in the online gaming. Jitter speed can have absolute worst impact and can be frustrating than the higher latency and other network issues as well.

The impact of Jitter speed can be most tangible felt during VoIPs and FPS games where superior sound quality and long-ranged characters hold a greater significance respectively. But ironically, a majority of us are not aware of how to deal with the issues arising in your internet speed due to jitter.

What is Jitter?

Jitter refers to the packet delay or we can say that it measures the time difference in the inter-arrival time of the data packets. When many tiny data packets tend to use the same IP Network at a particular instant of time then it causes congestion which is usually termed as jitter.

Technically jitter speed refers to the time variation over latency time across the internet where latency is the time required by a single data packet to pass through its route. The difference in latency usually occurs when these packets reach the same destination while travelling a different route and there occurs the jitter pointing the need towards taking the jitter test.

Let us see how jitter speed impacts your internet experience.

What is the cause of Jitter?

The major cause of jitter is that some of the data packets sent get delayed or queued in the circuit while the other data packets do not experience this delay and this leads to congestion in the network and variation in the latency.

Thus, higher jitter speed value can be caused either due to congestion at the router interfaces or within the provider or carrier network in case the circuit isn’t configured correctly.

Let us understand this via example: Consider two devices i.e. Devices A and Devices B where they interact with each other and therefore, transmission of data packets takes place between them. These data packets travel within equal time intervals over some healthy network. This in turn permits the computer to process the data received. However, these time intervals may get disrupted due to some or the other reason and then it causes jitter.

Therefore, if latency over a normal connection tends to measure 10ms then it might rise to 50ms due to jitter. This further makes it quite challenging for the receiving computer to process the data.

Effects of Jitter

The existence of Jitter over your internet connection interferes with your smooth functioning and causes the problems such as network congestion as well as packet loss. The practical outcome of this is that some of the words during VoIP calls might get jumbled because some of the data packets take longer time as compared to others in order to reach the destination. Here are some of the common effects of Jitter:

  1. After taking the jitter speed test if you find that your network records high jitter then it is obvious that it would impact the sound quality experienced during VoIP telephone calls making it difficult to understand that the conversation as some parts of it may drop out or make it unclear.
  2. High Jitter value prompts towards a network congestion that ends up providing you with a limited speed. This happens when all the packets being transmitted come to a junction while using the same IP Network at that particular instant of time and resulting in speed disruption.
  3. It may sometimes lead to the loss of data packets i.e. information. This happens in case when these tiny packets reach certain unexpected intervals and thus the receiving computer in such situations fails to process the information.

How to Test Jitter Speed?

Testing the jitter speed is inclusive of the calculation of average packet-to-packet delay time or it points to the difference in the absolute packet delays within a sequence of online communications. This is further done in numerous ways based on the type of traffic.

Voice traffic or Jitter speed can be calculated based on the fact if your network has control over just a single endpoint or both. Apart from this you may simply go for bandwidth testing to determine the jitter level that your network experiences without any maths being involved.

TestInternetSpeed.info comprises a jitter speedtest tool that allows you to perform online jitter test and helps you check jitter speed along with the other significant variables of the internet connection like download speed, upload speed, latency, ping speed etc.

Further, as we all are aware that the jitter speed can create adverse impacts over the internet speed connection and thus it needs to be solved. Let us further discuss some of the common methods to combat and prevent the jitter issues.

How to Fix Jitter Issues

The major cause of jitter is the variation amongst the average latency time recorded during the transmission of the data packets. There are numerous ways to overcome the jitter issues and even stop them. Here are some of the common ways:

  • For your network, activate the jitter buffering and before implementation consult your VoIP provider as some providers might include this along with the devices they own.
  • Conduct the jitter speed test at regular intervals.
  • Choose a powerful router that smartly handles the jitter issues and consider upgrading the the ethernet cables
  • Limit the unnecessary bandwidth consumption of your network connection
  • Make use of the high speed internet connection as slow internet speeds are more likely to cause jitter issues in case bandwidth is shared with others.

Final Words

Troubled with jitter in PC games? Then take a proactive approach and consider taking a jitter speed test rather than simply taking upload speed test, download speed test and your ping. According to your setup, the jitter problem shall be comparatively easier to detect and fix.

There’s a lot that you can do in order to ensure that you get the maximum from VoIP telephone systems. And once the jitter is effectively reduced, then the only potential obstacle gets removed in order to have clear communication and more trusted as well as responsive internet connection which in turn minimizes the jitter and improves your network stability.

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